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eat sleep rave repeat su We Heart It.

Like most of you (i’m guessing), i wanted to go to Coachella more than anything! i mean did you see the line up? But instead of prancing around in a flower crown and rocking face paint, i’m in my pjs. But just because were not at Coachella doesn’t mean, we can’t pretend! So here are a couple, at home No-chella things you can do!
watch a Live stream of the Performances  {here} & {here}

although you can be there look at the bright side, you can see your favorite band preform without overheating in the sun and being attacked by bugs!

 listen to our No-Chella Playlist {here pt.1} {here pt.2}

this is a playlist of one song from (almost) every single performer at Coachella, it’s like a Coachella Salad!

make some cute diys {here}

we have loads of adorable diys from flower crowns, flowerpot necklaces, and picnic kits.

Invite some friends over and dress like fairies, live stream Coachella, make the diys & instagram that shit! 
Have a Great Time not being at Coachella, like me,
p.s. please don’t delete text! 

Daniel Sharman + the flag shirt

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